AT LAST: Musee Picasso is open for business


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Free this weekend without reservations, the museum is finally opening its doors to the public. Saturday from 12h00 to 18h00 and Sunday 9h30 to 18h00. The lines no doubt will be long.

musee picasso

The $60 million remodel has taken four years. Paintings are arranged in a spare style and no audio tour devices are offered. Five exhibition levels display some of the museum’s collection of 5,000 works, mostly owned by Picasso himself and donated by his heirs.


map to picasso museum

5 rue de Thorigny
75003 Paris

Tuesday through Friday : 11h30 – 18h
Saturday and Sunday : 9h30 – 18h

1 Saint-Paul
8 Saint-Sébastien-Froissart
8 Chemin Vert
20 – 29 – 65 – 75 – 69 – 96

Paris: walking the walk



Look inside our book, No Worries Paris:

noworries paris walk

No Worries Paris photo page

A little self promotion:

Illustrated by more than 300 color photographs, No Worries Paris takes readers on a visually luscious journey to the city s striking monuments, as well as into the cobblestone crannies of its villages and along the glamorous fashion boulevards.

Virtually all of Paris is covered in 10 Walking Tours, each with its own map. Walks take from a half-day to a day to complete, starting at one Metro stop and ending at another. The tours are complemented by 10 Promenades, which are shorter in length, taking in the sights around a single attraction, mainly on the fringes of the city’s neighborhoods. No Worries Paris is sure to meet expectations the famous sights of Paris but it is also full of surprises at out-of-the way places.

“Paris is as vast as it is old, and wandering aimlessly won’t let one see all of it. ‘No Worries Paris’ is a beautiful travel guide from Jerry & Janine Sprout, presenting advice for those who want to experience Paris in all of its potential. Featuring many walking tours, each accompanied by full color photography, ‘No Worries Paris’ is a must for those who want to get the absolute most out of France.” Small Press Bookwatch

Available on, or go to and order a signed copy direct from the authors.

No Worries Paris Cover

Piaf: La Vie En Rose





Edith Paif fans take heed. She has her own museum and although the hours are limited and reservations are required and it’s squeezed in an offbeat neighborhood, it’s worth a visit. Although she died in 1963, her plot at Pere Lachaise cemetery is still adorned with fresh roses by her devoted followers.


The cabaret singer (the “little sparrow”) became widely regarded as France’s national diva. Her music was often autobiographical with her singing reflecting her life in chanson and ballads, particularly of love, loss and sorrow. She wrote the lyrics to “La Vie En Rose” (life in rosey hues, life in the pink), its lyrics telling about retaken love and appealing to those who had survived the difficult wartime. The song which made it’s debut in 1946 made her internationally famous.


Musée Edith Piaf
5 rue Crespin du Gast
75011 Paris

Telephone : +33 (0) 1 43 55 52 72
Closed in June and September every year.
Opening times
By appointment only: 1pm – 6pm Monday to Wednesday

Le Marché Belleville: A taste of Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia


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I like this working class marché. It’s where you can get a greasy, chewy fried snack filled with piquante tomato paste for 2 euros. Hot beignets are right out of the sizzling frypot. Select melons, garlic, shallots, veggies for rock bottom prices. Deals on pots and pans, fabric, clothing also abound.

beignets_belleville_paris belleville_marche_paris

Photos speak louder than words here. The tent is hot, so are the grills, cooks are sweating, people are pushy and the owner of the establishment is like a grand conductor making sure his customers get their turn… cuts.




After walking the entire length of this sprawling market, you might want to consider taking your picnic lunch to Parc Belleville just up the street and congratulate yourself for stepping away from touristville and seeing the other side of Paris. Make sure you have your No Worries Paris guidebook at hand to find out what else to visit in the neighborhood.

Le Marché Belleville, 63 Blvd de Belleville, 11th arrondissement

Metro: Belleville, Couronnes, Ménilmonant, Tuesday & Friday 8 am to 1:30 pm

A No Worries Paris Exclusive: Purses for 2015


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Paris Purses for 2015

A guide to what “Fashion First” trendsetters were carrying around during Paris Fashion Week. Furry, translucent, faux cameras, quilting….they’re all the rage. Express yourself with off-beat accessories.

the purse for 2015

paris purses for 2015

paris purses for 2015

paris purses 2015 preview

Paris heavy metal at Pont Des Arts


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Pont Des Arts Paris

The bridge railings are weighted down with love locks, some long necked ones holding 6 or seven more in a tower formation. There seems to be no more room. On this visit I notice something new, grafittied panels where hundreds of precious locks used to reside. Then upon leaving I see a sign silkscreened in blue below the steps leading to the bridge. Very worn and almost illegible it states “#lovewithoutlocks.  Our bridges can no longer withstand your gestures of love. NO MORE LOVE LOCKS! Unchain your love on“. When I visited this site here’s what it said: “An end to padlocks: through this site, declare your love in pictures and bridges will be spared a heavy heart. Share your photos on social network sites with the hashtag #lovewithoutlocks and they will appear on this social wall to lovers worldwide!”

Passing under the bridge as I snap a photo there’s a doubled up barge with scrap metal going by. Heavy metal all right.

love locks Paris

On the bridge is a man conspicuously selling locks on the walkway and a young woman belting out songs accompanied by her sound system. It’s only after I examine the photo closely that I see she is blind or partially sighted. No one seems to be stopping to listen even though her delivery is soulful, above average. Her name is Sandrine Dubois and her CD’s for sale are in a yellow box.

Pont des Arts, 75006 Paris, France. There’s always something entertaining going on here.

Singer Pont des Arts

A fashion trendsetter I admire: Garance Doré


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Fashion blogging started around 2006-7 with Mlle Garance and her then-partner Scott Shuman ( in front of the curve. I’ve been a fan for about three years and have always enjoyed her take on the fashion industry be it Paris, New York, Milano…wherever she sets her sails.  Standing in line at the Chanel show on Sunday I was in shock to see her standing beside me invitaton in hand then face to face with her big shy smile. My heart skipped a beat.

garance dore

Garance Doré Paris Fashion Week

She’s worked hard to get to this level, now a respected trendsetter, a front row personality, a fashion illustrator, one that no longer carries the camera on her shoulder but has her own photographer Erik by her side. She was named in a New York Times article as the “guardian of all style”. I totally agree.


I probably will never get to speak to her personally but feel I know her through her unique blog interviews, her friends, her fashion callouts, her laughter at herself, her humility. Check her blog out and her illustrated card line.

CHANEL: No Worries Paris, In the Bag


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Chanellians were everywhere with their signature black white shoes, quilted purses, squared off checkered jackets and so was yours truly. Unfortunately I forgot to put the charged battery back in my Nikon and had to take all 574 photos with my IPhone. No probleme, they turned out fine. A fan of ours all in couturier matching pink even gave us the thumbs up. noworriesparisCHANEL

No Worries Paris, a photographic walking guide can be purchased online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble or directly from the authors at

Paris Postcard: Free concert at Palais Royal metro

Palais Royal Sunday Paris

Beautiful orchestral music on a Sunday. These pros need your support. Buy their CD, fill their instrument case on the sidewalk with euros, dollars. A small way to say thanks for making the day a little happier.

Palais Royal Orchestra

Tour Eiffel Night with an unexpected surprise


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Pitch black skies as I emerged from the metro on Saturday around 9:30. The esplanade of Palais Chaillot is sprinkled with tourists who don’t realize that the cedar fence taking up half the terrace is temporary, better photos just a few steps down toward the Eiffel Tower. I positioned myself well and although crammed against the railing with visitors flashing their selfies and requests from those without smartphones to take their point-and-shoot portraits, I got my required shots.

tour eiffel Sept 2014

But hark, I hear music! Is it just another street performer doing their break dancing thang? No, it’s the Argentine tango. A few more steps down the terrace on the grand foyer are close to 50 couples seriously dancing. Cheek to cheek in silhouette they all look like professionals. An audience just as large is watching and illuminated by the tower and Palais spotlights the whole spectacle magical, mesmerizing. I have to say, the Eiffel Tower itself got second billing in my book that evening.

tango Eiffel

tango Palais Chaillot


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