Paris scene: Fashion photographers on the job



Fashion sharpshooters

Without the media, there’d be no Fashion Week. They hustle, get in each others way, argue, are bossy and focused (don’t bother them), and in the end get their shot. Real pros.

Bill CUNNINGHAM New York Times

paris fashion week MEDIA

Prowling the city of the dead: Pere Lachaise Cemetery


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pere lachaise cemetery

I spend time here. The winding alleys are stacked with graves, so calming, so unlike the buzzing surrounding streets of the city. There’s wisdom to be learned from the headstones and abandoned vaults and most visitors are congregated around the celebrity artists so you have much of the cemetery to yourself.



The centerpiece is the Monument to the Dead (Monument aux Morts) sculpted by Paul Albert Bartholomé. Organized in two levels, with twenty larger than life figures, the upper terrace focuses on the transition from life to death, while the lower portrays what happens after the big move. The figures on the left whispering words of farewell demonstrate the despair, grief, despondency and resignation with the death of a loved one. An inscription reads: “”Those who lived in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned.” Chilling, non?

Behind the locked doors lies an ossuary of the bones of Parisians from cemeteries all over the city, a smaller kind of modern day catacombs. When it became overcrowded recently, the bones were removed for cremation and returned to the ossuary after the cremation process. Efforts were made to store bones and ashes in separate boxes.



Père Lachaise Cemetery
Address: 16 Rue du Repos, 75020

Postcard from Notre Dame’s backyard and the bees


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notre dame Paris

A good share of tourists never wander beyond the front plaza, interior or bell tower. Walk behind the cathedral to Square Jean XXIII for a little tranquility. Shaded benches will be your friend and the view of the flying buttresses and gothic Fountain of the Virgin will entertain your camera.

bee photo Notre Dame

A little known fact: not far, on the roof of the sacristy is a specially placed bee hive. From ND’s website: “Notre-Dame de Paris, accommodating this hive, matches the preservation of the dynamic biodiversity and hopes to remember the beauty of creation and the responsibility of Man towards her.” Wow! This hive belongs to beekeeper Nicolas Géant who disposes many hives on the roofs of Paris. Bees of this hive are the gentle Brother Adam variety, an essential virtue for urban beekeeping.

Notre Dame offers many programs. Visit their website for their concert schedule, prayer requests, light shows, 360 degree photo tour and much more.

E. Dehillerin: where Julia shopped


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dehilleran Paris For Cooks

This is IT: Paris’s sanctum sanctorum for professional and amateur cooks. An “old school” mecca for everything in cookware.  A 200-year-old establishment selling everything from 20 different sizes of spring form pans to stock pots big enough for a full-sized boar. Quality is what they’re all about. A garlic press purchased here will last  until the end of your cooking career.

dehilleran PARIS FRANCE

Julia Child shopped here. Descend the creaky winding steps to the basement where shelves are piled with copper pots, baking gear, knives, crepe pans, bread pans. Prices are a little hard to determine, but so what, you’re buying the best, just charge it and be ready for a big surprise when you get home. Finding room in your suitcase is another matter. Remember no knives in your carry-on. Even if you go just to gawk, this memorable pilgrimage will be worth your time.


E. Dehillerin (takes you to their website)

18 rue Coquillière
75001 Paris
metro: FranceChâtelet/Les Halles, 1er

Sneakers in Paris?: OUI, you betcha


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Athletic shoes in ParisCall them what you like: chaussure de sport, cross-trainers, sneakers, tennies, running shoes. The news is they’re “in”. They were everywhere, pounding the pavement on the Champs Elysees (where the Adidas shoes store is located) and behind the barricades of Fashion Week 2015. Almost anything goes as long as they’re clean.

Paris shoes streetstyleParis sneaker fashionParis shoes 2015fashionable shoes parisNow you know. If you need an au current pair, the shoe store for you is:

Size? (with a question mark)

16-18 Rue Berger, 1e, tel:

Opening hours:
Mon-Sat 10am-8pm

Métro : Les Halles ou Châtelet

Postcard from chilly Paris


Pont Des Arts bridge Parisand here’s a weather report.  It’s colder than you think; bundle up. Galeries Lafayette has a great selection of coats and sweaters.

weather Paris

Your No Worries Paris has many indoor attractions to pursue if it’s pouring rain.

Paris Hotel Booking Sites: homework pays off


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Deals, descriptions, photos, stars, comparisons are why I like to do my research on internet booking pages.  A few I’ve been using lately:


Some good deals during this shoulder season:

Hotel Monceau Elysees
108 Rue De Courcelles, 17. Batignolles-Monceau
$75 best deal

Victoria Hotel Paris
2 Bis Cite Bergere, Faubourg-Montmartre
$85 best deal

Quality Hotel Paris Orleans
185-187 Boulevard Brune, 14. Montparnasse
$90 best deal

Hotel Fontaines du Luxembourg
4 Rue De Vaugirard, 06. Saint-Germain-des-Pres
$142 best deal


Hotel Chaplain Rive Gauche
11 Bis Rue Jules Chaplain, 06. Saint-Germain-des-Pres
$138 best deal

Hotel Observatoire Luxembourg
107 Boulevard Saint Michel, 06. Saint-Germain-des-Pres
$168 best deal

If you contact the hotel directly, sometimes you might get even a better deal. Almost all hotel staffers these days speak (or attempt) English.  Start with the booking sites.

FOUND: Paris’s Best Cheeseburger, Le Burger Fermier du Marché des Enfants Rouges


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cheeseburger Paris NoWorries

It’s only 10 euros with 1 extra euro for an added piece of bacon, fries made from Picardie potatoes (included), special sauce, buttery homemade buns, environmentally raised beef, and your choice of cheese. A juicy, winning combination served along a counter on the periphery of Marché des Enfants Rouges. The stand is so popular getting a seat seems a privilege.  Add a beer or cider and you’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven.

best burger paris

The menu sounds better in French:

Les Burgers:
Boeuf et bacon fumé à la sciure de hêtre (les viandes de la ferme de Châteauneuf)
Salade de Picardie, tomates du Marché et pommes de terre de la Ferme Pelpome
Fromage au choix, cheddar d’Irlande, Tomme au cidre Chapelle Saint Jean, Bleu d’Auvergne, Chèvre vendéen et Cantal
Farine (pour les petits pains maison) de la Ferme Pelpome

hamburger Paris best

Les Boissons:
Cidre de la Ferme et jus et pétillant de pommes de chez Jean Marc Les Vergers d’Hordevillers
Jus et pétillant rhubarbe de la Brasserie Maeyaert
Bières blanche, blondes et ambrées de St Rieul

burger menu Paris Enfants Rouges

Le Burger Fermier du Marché des Enfants Rouges, 39 rue de Bretagne, 75003 Paris

Wed – Sun: 9:00 am – 6:30 pm

Metro: Arts et Metiers, Temple, République, Filles du Calvaire

AT LAST: Musee Picasso is open for business


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Free this weekend without reservations, the museum is finally opening its doors to the public. Saturday from 12h00 to 18h00 and Sunday 9h30 to 18h00. The lines no doubt will be long.

musee picasso

The $60 million remodel has taken four years. Paintings are arranged in a spare style and no audio tour devices are offered. Five exhibition levels display some of the museum’s collection of 5,000 works, mostly owned by Picasso himself and donated by his heirs.


map to picasso museum

5 rue de Thorigny
75003 Paris

Tuesday through Friday : 11h30 – 18h
Saturday and Sunday : 9h30 – 18h

1 Saint-Paul
8 Saint-Sébastien-Froissart
8 Chemin Vert
20 – 29 – 65 – 75 – 69 – 96

Paris: walking the walk



Look inside our book, No Worries Paris:

noworries paris walk

No Worries Paris photo page

A little self promotion:

Illustrated by more than 300 color photographs, No Worries Paris takes readers on a visually luscious journey to the city s striking monuments, as well as into the cobblestone crannies of its villages and along the glamorous fashion boulevards.

Virtually all of Paris is covered in 10 Walking Tours, each with its own map. Walks take from a half-day to a day to complete, starting at one Metro stop and ending at another. The tours are complemented by 10 Promenades, which are shorter in length, taking in the sights around a single attraction, mainly on the fringes of the city’s neighborhoods. No Worries Paris is sure to meet expectations the famous sights of Paris but it is also full of surprises at out-of-the way places.

“Paris is as vast as it is old, and wandering aimlessly won’t let one see all of it. ‘No Worries Paris’ is a beautiful travel guide from Jerry & Janine Sprout, presenting advice for those who want to experience Paris in all of its potential. Featuring many walking tours, each accompanied by full color photography, ‘No Worries Paris’ is a must for those who want to get the absolute most out of France.” Small Press Bookwatch

Available on, or go to and order a signed copy direct from the authors.

No Worries Paris Cover


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