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No chatter, just a peek at the before and after.







The one and only, the grand dame of French cinema: Catherine Deneuve


It’s raining today in Paris. The skies are grey and umbrellas are de rigeur. My hair is super frizzed thanks to the drizzle but no matter as a really big event occurred around 4 p.m. Let’s get is straight, I’m not a Hollywood groupie, nor am I a publicity hound, or paparazzi…..however, in my book Deneuve is one of the world’s BIG stars.

After a long day at St. Ouen, les Puces, I thought I’d follow it with a visit to St. Suplice. Across from the church is the Yves St. Laurent flagship store and I frequenly stop to window shop. The front door opened suddenly and there I was face to face with Deneuve, fully made up in a red jacket throwing a cigarette out on the pavement. She darted back in and I saw her go to the the purse display in the window. My camera was poised and “pop”, just as Cartier-Bresson says, I snapped it fast.

Here she is dear blog followers and “D” fans.

My only regret is not turning around and following her chauffer to the parked Mercedes. I only saw her car door close. She is a true icon. Sorry I couldn’t just say “Hey Catherine, truly love your movies, keep on keepin’ on”.

A recent quote from C.D.: “There are no longer any stars in France. A star is someone who should be seen a little and then remain discreet, reserved. With the introduction of the digital age, the intrusion is into everything, everywhere and all the time. We see a huge amount about people who are very famous, who have millions of followers … and who have done absolutely nothing.”

Rightly said and my apologies for the rude intrusion Catherine. I was star-struck and just happened to be standing in the right spot at the right time.

Nuit Blanche: A sleepless night in Paris


Giant popsicle-like sculptures are melting in the Hotel de Ville Square. It’s 8 p.m. and Nuit Blanche is just getting underway. It lasts all night and comes with dazzlng light shows, giant video productions, open air installations, and musical performances. It’s a moveable “climate change” feast beckoning residents and visitors to think about the city – and the planet – differently.

Some lines of the metro are staying open until 3 a.m. as are a handful of restaurants and bars catering to the crowds.


PARIS FASHION WEEK…..a little self promotion



Another day commences; the chase is on.

Celebrity sleuthing at Balmain


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Balmain Paris Fashion WeekScene: Le Grande Hotel, 2 rue Scribe, 4 p.m., show over. The standouts were the tall, stunning high fashion models still wearing their chic pony tails from the catwalk. Some stopped for photos, some took selfies, other were whisked away into waiting autos. The Hollywood set were there too (Hadids, Jenners, Jonas, Jada Smith) stealing their share of attention but I like to think Paris Fashion Week is all about the designers and the glamorous creatures showing off their designs. They are the real stars, real celebrities.

Balmain Paris, Le Grande Hotel

Balmain Paris


Balmain Paris








Paris Fashion Week: off with a BANG!


PascalMillet2015ParisFasionWeek MILLETEleven designers strutted their stuff on September 29, the first day of Fashion Week in Paris. On my schedule was Pascal Millet at the Palace des Beaux Arts. The theme was “Spain of Majarahas”. From their handout: “A feminine summer collection with shades of ‘real Hippie chic’. Mussoline and crepe de chine echo the seersucker and Calais lace for day wear. For evening, there are shirt-dresses in tulle encrusted silk crepe and tea-length dresses in rich pastel brocade and, of course, sexy jupsuits….”



The Guy Laroche show was at the Grand Palais. From their handout “Spring 2016, Trouble in Paradise: For spring-summer Guy contrasts a tropical aesthetic with an air of dystopia (had to look that up). The collection confronts playful winks to the Beach Boys era – such as embroideries and appliqués of palm trees and sunsets juxtaposed with a bold, quasi-military rigor citing the early 21st century. The house’s classics – trench coats, biker jackets and day dresses – are deconstructed and rethought. Devoured and lacerated silks, asymmetrical lengths and industrial detailing put forward an urban, deeply contemporary re-reading of the house’s timeless and ageless elegance…..” (I always wonder who writes these translations)

Rochas followed at 5 at the Palais de Tokyo. Aganovich at 6. Long day. Who knows what tomorrow may bring? Eleven designers presenting. One thing’s for sure, the weather will be sunny and invigorating again.  It’s no surprise that this is the “Daddy” of global fashion weeks.



Journée sans voiture: a Paris day without cars



“Paris will be completely transformed for a day. This is an opportunity for Parisians and tourists to enjoy the city without noise, pollution and therefore without stress.”  …..Mayor Hildago.


It was almost eerie hearing it quiet on the streets today. Only taxis and buses were allowed and their speeds were kept to a minimum. Mostly bikes crowded the boulevards sprinkled with inline skaters and skateboarders. Pedestrians jammed the sidewalks and parks. Tout Paris were taking advantage of the sunny day and many were smiling. Impromptu flea markets in various squares, impromptu jazz musicians, harps, trombone bands, sun worshippers on the banks of the Seine. A happy carefree day to truly remember.

Paris Sans Voiture

The Eiffel Tower was in sharp contrast against the sky, pollution numbers down. I hope to see more of this in the future by popular demand.

sans voiture Paris

biking Paris Quais

Paris: short and sweet


Take a walk with the No Worries Paris dream team:

Coming right up: Paris Ready to Wear


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Fashion Week Paris is just around the corner. Designers, their clients, the media, the city’s businesses are all feeling the excitement. Mark your calendars for September 27 to October 5. Click here for the temporary schedule. For accredited press members the precious invitations are like prizes.

A few postcards from last year:





Wander behind (usually) closed doors: Journées Européennes du Patrimoine, September 19-20


The European Heritage Days in Paris are an invitation to discover France’s monuments in a way that is not usually possible. During the course of a weekend places usually closed to the public open their doors for free. Even the Polaine Bakery is on the schedule (reservations required).

For 2015, the theme is 21st Century Heritage, a story of the future. Children and adults alike are invited to learn more about contemporary architecture and its integration into the environment, as well as discovering new construction techniques, innovative materials, modes of representation (from drawings and watercolours to digital images and 3D models).

In addition to exploring the great monuments of Paris (Palais de l’Elysée, Matignon, Musée d’Orsay and the Arc de Triomphe), visitors can discover contemporary buildings such as the Philharmonie de Paris, the Fondation Louis Vuitton and the Cité de la Mode et du Design.

Click here for the official website, site list, hours and times.


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