It’s only after many visits to this park that I’ve stopped to admire the sculpture along the Grand Couvert. A few of the artists and their pieces: L’Échiquier (1959) by Germaine Richier; La Grande Musicienne, (1937) by Henri Laurens; Personnages III (1967), by Étienne Martin; Primo Piano II (1962), by David Smith; Confidence (2000) by Daniel Dezeuze; Force et Tendresse (1996) by Eugène Dodeigne; L’Ami de personne, (1999) by Erik Dietman; Manus Ultimus, (1997) by Magdalena Abakanowicz; Arbre des voyelles, (2000) by Giuseppe Penone; Brushstroke Nude (1993) by Roy Lichtenstein; Un, deux, tros, nous (2000) by Anne Rochette; Jeanette, (about 1933), Paul Belomondo and Apollon, (about 1933), Paul Belmondo.

Many tourists are unaware that “The Kiss” by Rodin (1934 cast of the marble original) is located at the West Terrace. Take it all in on your next stroll.