Visitors to the French Open at Stade Roland Garros in the posh 16th arrondissement can take a restful break from the action at Jardin des Serres, a botanical garden across a quiet street first planted by Louis XV in 1761. At least for now. Plans are hatched to expand the tennis stadium, which is by far the smallest among the sites of the major tournaments. The serres (glass houses) at the gardens were added in 1898, providing a tropical experience for park-goers as well as growing some 100,000 plants each year for the municipal buildings of Paris.

Plant lovers and tennis fans have dueled for several years over the planned expansion. Recently, it was advantage clay court fans. But recent petitions by the garden goers have moved the match to love–hoping to save the array of a half-dozen large greenhouses. With no easy solution to satisy all, the set appears destined for a long series of tie breakers.