Francophiles for good reason may lament the American chain coffee shop’s appearance in the cafe scene of Paris (there are about 40), but many visitors find them an oasis of sorts: roomy seating, a ready restroom, free wi-fi, and a counter of cheery baristas who won’t have trouble with an order for “an iced double tall 2 pump non-fat extra ice sugar free cinnamon dolce latte,” or any of the other esoteric ordering brought over from America. Plus, you get the jumbo cup at not much more than stateside prices. Double plus: these Starbuck’s aren’t the strip mall version, but are in some cool buildings with lively outdoor scenes

A few of note:

Starbucks Capucines (pictured)
3, boulevard des Capucines
Arrondissement 2

Starbucks Roquette
5 Rue de la Roquette
Arrondissement 11

Starbucks Montorgrueil
21 Rue Petits Carreaux
Arrondissement 2

Starbucks’s Odeon
91 Boulevard Saint-Germain
Arrondissement 4

Click here for a list of all the Paris addreses and here for a sample menu in French. If you’re a city mug collector, most of the Starbuck’s carry large standard models as well as espresso cups designed with a Parisian flair. Reserve space in your carry-on for one or two.