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Be forewarned: if you’re intending to sit out on the terraces of Paris’s cafes you could be enveloped in a cloud of second hand smoke. It looks sexy, it’s trendy with young and old and it’s not cool to ask someone to put out their cigarettes. Although a ban was passed 3 years ago, Parisians interpret the law to mean they can smoke outside and that translates to the little tables and chairs lined up on the sidewalks. At around $7 a pack, each puff is relished and enjoyed right down to the last quarter inch.

Cafes look the other way and even supply ashtrays. Cold weather brings heaters and plastic drop-down enclosures to the terraces so the smoke lingers even longer. Here are a few colorful cafes worth visiting. Go inside if you can’t take the fumes.

Brasserie de L’Isle Saint-Louis
55 Quai de Bourbon

Aux Folies
8 Rue de Belleville

Cafe Charbon
109 Rue Oberkampf

Le Select
99 boulevard du Montparnasse

Cafe de Paris
10 rue Buci

Café Etienne Marcel
34 Rue Étienne Marcel

Café Noir
65 Rue Montmartre

Café Moderne
40 rue Notre-Dame-des-Victoires

La Palette
43 rue de Seine

Cafe des Phares
7 Rue de la Bastille

Le Bastille
8 Place de La Basstille

151 boulevard Saint Germain