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Spring 2013, a potpourri of styles on the runways: sheer plaids, soft florals, ruffles, pink and blue, soft pink and gold, metallic threading, grunge, fur, denim, tie-dye, checkerboard, honeycomb, sweet collars, black gauze, red leather, lace, knee-length skirts and dresses (finally), a solar panel runway, tweeds, boucles, aubergine, pretty pink, violet, stripy platform sandals, red shiny shoes, oversized pearls, tassels, bows, voluminous shapes. Something for everyone, anything goes? Room for you to put together your own sense of style. Be different, it’s all about attitude and carrying off what you wear proudly even if it’s nothing at all.

Add to that street fashion trends you’ll pick up on while strutting your stuff on your Paris outings guided by the “No Worries Paris” guidebook. Hipsters, minimalists, bohos, fashionistas, visitors from around the world: enjoy the show.