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In the U.S. we have the universal telephone number 911. The EU-wide emergency number is 112. For direct medical help while you’re in Paris call SAMU: dial 15 or  01 45 67 50 50.

Another option is having a doctor make a housecall. Two services are available:

SOS Medecins France
Housecalls 24/7: dial: 36 24 from your apt phone (0.12E/minute) or 01 47 07 77 77
It is imperative that they have a direct telephone contact to assess the degree of urgency and can bring you the best reply. Cost: €35 and €90 depending on the time of day. Always remember to buy trip insurance before leaving which should cover this.

Research their services at http://www.sosmedecins.fr/ (Be sure to check the box with the English translation.)

Urgences Médicales de Paris
24/7 housecalls
5 Rue Jean-Baptiste Berlier 75013 Paris
dial: 01 53 94 94 94
Research their services at: http://www.ump.fr/

Toothache: S.O.S. dentistes: dial: 01 43 37 51 00
87 blvd de Port Royal, 13th arrondisement
A private dental office that offers services when most dentists are off-duty

English speaking hospitals:

American Hospital in Paris dial: 01 46 41 25 25; http://www.american-hospital.org ; 63 blvd Victor Hugo, 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine; Private hospital offering emergency 24-hour medical and dental care.

Hertford British Hospital, dial: 01 46 39 22 22; http://www.british-hospital.org; 3 rue Barbès, 92300 Levallois-Perret
Less-expensive than the American Hospital.

Find an open pharmacy (pharmacie de garde) by calling 32 37 or go to http://www.3237.fr/. You can count on pharmacists to render good medical advice and dispense antibiotics without a prescription.

Some handy phrases in case they “no speaka da English”:
Need a doctor   Besoin un médecin (Il me faut un médecin)
I have had an accident   J’ai eu un accident
Injured    Blessé(e)
Unconscious   Perdre connaissance
Bleeding   Hémorragie
Heart attack   Crise cardiaque
Stroke   AVC (ah veh say), un accident vasculaire cérébral
Drowning   Noyade (se noyer)
Burn   Brûlure
Very sick   Très malade
I am in labor    Je suis en train d’accoucher

Keep these numbers as an emergency cheat sheet. Hoping you don’t have to use them. If you do, you can have full confidence that you will be cared for well here.