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Hunger pangs while cashmere shopping at Ralph Lauren’s new St. Germain store? Now you can take a break at his in-house restaurant for the uber-rich. The decor has that patio feel, that back in the USA moment and so does the menu. Besides the perfectly seared juicy hamburger: le club, $24; cobb salad, $28; lobster salad, $35. Luxe presentation, beautiful servers with a French twist.

Save room for America’s favorite desserts: brownies and vanilla ice cream, new york cheese cake, five layer chocolate cake, carrot cake, key lime pie all priced at just $14.

If you’re feeling it’s a tad overbudget and want something a little on the fast-food gourmet side a few metro stops away, try the Charolais/chevre burger at McDonald’s for 2 euros with a charming view of the Austerlitz train station. Follow it up with a 2 euro strawberry frappe. I noticed on the website they’re featuring other petite Charolais options: melted Emmental and sauce Bearnaise, Charolais Cantal sauce au poivre, Charolais au sauce bleu fondu. I’m loving’ it!