On Wednesdays and Sundays until about 3 p.m. the Grenelle neighborhood outdoor market is open for business. Regional specialties reign and the variety is over-the-top. Head for the big copper cauldron of freshly prepared aligot (a caloric dish of mashed potatoes and fresh tomme cheese from Averyon). Paella, bubbling stews, Moroccan grilled sandwiches, rotisseried chickens round out the take-out selections.


Specialty mushrooms, just-picked vegetables (no kale yet), fish, cheese, charcuterie, breads, pastries, honey, fruit, private label juices and tempting deals on discount clothing, kitchen gadgets, linens fill the booths that border the walking corridor.


Only downside is that you must ration quantities. No metal shopping baskets here, this ain’t no Safeway. Weighed down by one or two stuffed shopping bags, the schlep home can be taxing if you haven’t meal planned. If you’re a tourist, this is the ideal place for assembling a picnic extravaganza. All you have to do is get in line and when it’s your turn, point and courteously indicate the quantity.  Make a Champs de Mars park bench your destination and bring plenty of napkins (not automatically supplied).

For more info on finding more marchés around town, consult your No Worries Paris guidebook.