Jim Morrison died in Paris in 1971. Whirling around, still to this day, are questions as to how he died and where. Some are convinced he is still alive. The official police version is that he died of a heart attack in his bathtub on 17 rue Beautreillis.


Other witnesses claim he overdosed on heroin in the bathroom of a famous club. It’s been said the two drug dealers whom he had purchased the heroin from moved his dead body to the bathroom of his apartment and swore never to reveal the truth and ruin the club’s reputation.

The real ending is buried with Jim whose grave is the most visited at Pere Lachaise Cemetery. Hand drawn arrows sometimes (they are often erased by the guardians) point the way or just follow the swarm carrying the printed plot map. His headstone is unassuming, however, there’s always a collection of memorabilia, candles, letters to spice up the space.


Dedicated fans who want to visit the apartment can find it mapped on page 92 of the No Worries Paris guidebook. A recommended followup is the stylish Hotel Sully and Place des Voges, the oldest square in Paris, just down the block.