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Master of the expressive language of color and drawing, Matisse is a modern art original. He referred to The Dance, one of his key masterpieces, as “the overpowering climax of luminosity”. Painted in 1910 it uses a classic Fauvist color palette and reflects his fascination with primitive art. It hangs in the Hermitage Museum. In 1932 he again used the theme in a 15×45 foot triptych mural commissioned for $30,000 and executed in Nice.


Intrigued with his painting techniques (especially the ultra long brush), I went on an internet search, culling photos of him at work.


He was unstoppable, reinventing his style over and over as he aged.



In Paris you can see his works at the Musée National d’Arte Moderne, 11 avenue du Président Wilson (16th) and Centre Georges Pompidou.