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The 1950s was haute couture’s golden age. A new exhibit at the Palais Galleria retraces the evolution of the female form through the decade 1947–1957: from the birth of the New Look to the death of Christian Dior and the advent of Yves Saint Laurent.

Petticoats, corolla skirts, pointed shoes, bright-coloured floral and striped prints, wasp-waist suits with straight skirts, strapless sheath dresses, cocktail dresses, rock crystal embroidery, Chanel’s straight lined simple suits: such was the couture of the fifties.


Lucky you if you’re in Paris now or will be coming before November 2. Les années 50 : La mode en France, 1947-1957, is at Palais Galliera, 10, avenue Pierre Ier de Serbie, 16th arrondissement. Open Monday to Sunday, 10am to 6pm. Open Thursday evenings until 9pm.


First two vintage fashion photos by Henry Clarke