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Fashion blogging started around 2006-7 with Mlle Garance and her then-partner Scott Shuman (thesartorilist.com) in front of the curve. I’ve been a fan for about three years and have always enjoyed her take on the fashion industry be it Paris, New York, Milano…wherever she sets her sails.  Standing in line at the Chanel show on Sunday I was in shock to see her standing beside me invitaton in hand then face to face with her big shy smile. My heart skipped a beat.

garance dore

Garance Doré Paris Fashion Week

She’s worked hard to get to this level, now a respected trendsetter, a front row personality, a fashion illustrator, one that no longer carries the camera on her shoulder but has her own photographer Erik by her side. She was named in a New York Times article as the “guardian of all style”. I totally agree.


I probably will never get to speak to her personally but feel I know her through her unique blog interviews, her friends, her fashion callouts, her laughter at herself, her humility. Check her blog out http://www.garancedore.fr/en/category/style/ and her illustrated card line.