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I like this working class marché. It’s where you can get a greasy, chewy fried snack filled with piquante tomato paste for 2 euros. Hot beignets are right out of the sizzling frypot. Select melons, garlic, shallots, veggies for rock bottom prices. Deals on pots and pans, fabric, clothing also abound.

beignets_belleville_paris belleville_marche_paris

Photos speak louder than words here. The tent is hot, so are the grills, cooks are sweating, people are pushy and the owner of the establishment is like a grand conductor making sure his customers get their turn…..no cuts.




After walking the entire length of this sprawling market, you might want to consider taking your picnic lunch to Parc Belleville just up the street and congratulate yourself for stepping away from touristville and seeing the other side of Paris. Make sure you have your No Worries Paris guidebook at hand to find out what else to visit in the neighborhood.

Le Marché Belleville, 63 Blvd de Belleville, 11th arrondissement

Metro: Belleville, Couronnes, Ménilmonant, Tuesday & Friday 8 am to 1:30 pm