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dehilleran Paris For Cooks

This is IT: Paris’s sanctum sanctorum for professional and amateur cooks. An “old school” mecca for everything in cookware.  A 200-year-old establishment selling everything from 20 different sizes of spring form pans to stock pots big enough for a full-sized boar. Quality is what they’re all about. A garlic press purchased here will last  until the end of your cooking career.

dehilleran PARIS FRANCE

Julia Child shopped here. Descend the creaky winding steps to the basement where shelves are piled with copper pots, baking gear, knives, crepe pans, bread pans. Prices are a little hard to determine, but so what, you’re buying the best, just charge it and be ready for a big surprise when you get home. Finding room in your suitcase is another matter. Remember no knives in your carry-on. Even if you go just to gawk, this memorable pilgrimage will be worth your time.


E. Dehillerin (takes you to their website)

18 rue Coquillière
75001 Paris
metro: FranceChâtelet/Les Halles, 1er