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Delivering the goods: Maison de la Truffe with two locations in Paris. This establishment has been sharing the black diamond of French gastronomy with the most delicate palates in the world since 1932. Don’t know much about this unappetizing looking earthnut?  In short truffles are a kind of subterranean fungi, a mushroom that grows underground. Most commonly found in Europe, Asia, North American, and North Africa, truffles tend to grow in forested areas around the base of trees. They are still traditionally hunted by pigs, but more and more dogs are being recruited for the job as they can be trained to not eat the little prizes.

Even more about truffles: http://maison-de-la-truffe.com/en/contemplez.php.


In 1978, Guy Monier, a chef by trade, took over the house and pursued its development by creating a tasting area and transforming it into a luxury food shop and restaurant. Today, the family business has become a key location for truffle enthusiasts and amateur gourmets wishing to discover a variety of quality products.


LA MAISON DE LA TRUFFE, 19 Place de la Madeleine, 8th arr., +33 1 42 65 53 22, open Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. boutique and tasting


LA TRUFFE MARBEUF, 14 rue Marbeuf, 8th arr., +33 1 53 57 41 00, restaurant and boutique

Selections from their main course menu: 

Tagliatelles à la truffe brumale, 29,00 €
Risotto aux langoustines et truffe brumale, 29,00 €
Bar poêlé, sauce aux perles de truffes et tagliatelles de légumes, 29,00 €
Filet de boeuf Rossini, sauce aux truffes, 55,00 €

from a reviewer:  “Good food, spacious tables, quiet clientele and great service. When you enter the restaurant and take a deep breath, there is no doubt what is the main kitchen’s ingredient. The truffle smell is so powerful. Truffles are displayed everywhere in beautiful black and white pictures witnessing the comings and goings of very professional servers.”

If you’re looking for a unique Parisian experience and have the urge to splurge, wander on by for a taste or make a reservation for lunch or dinner. Can’t make it to Paris this year? Maison makes it very easy to order online: e-shop: http://www.gourmandisedeluxe.com/nos-produits-maison-de-la-truffe.htm