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First things first: here’s where you can find a big juicy burger, with smokey bbq sauce, melted grueyere, fat mushrooms, gourmet bun, crispy onion rings, thick cut bacon for around 10.50 euros. Downside, there can be a 40 minute wait and you have to know where it will be parked. Here’s where they’re going to be in the next few days:

Paris food truck menu

Le Camion Qui Fume (The Smoking Truck), owned by Kristin Frederick, a California native who graduated from French culinary school is the real deal. Track them down for a trip down memory lane with a twist a la francaise.

The menu:


Come to Mamma! Tell them No Worries Paris sent you.

food truck Paris

After feasting on this filling treat you’ll need to take a walk. Consult your No Worries Paris guidebook for some ideas. They’re are some great ones surrounding the truck.