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Jardin de Reuilly

Spring is here and locals know there’s no better place to enjoy the blossoms than strolling or jogging the Promenade Plantee. The Jardin de Reuilly (midway) lures visitors in with it’s artistically planted terraces, large circular lawn and rose garden. It was once the site of the ancient Chateau de Reuilly, a vacation house for the Merovingian kings.

jardin de reuilly No Worries Paris

At the main entrance (l’avenue Daumesnil) lies France’s first public fountain, still operational today. Tap water from the public pipes is pumped into the fountains, where it is chilled to around 6 degrees C (43 F). The CO2 is introduced into the mix right before the water comes out of the faucet and into your bottle/cup.



Jardin de Reuilly
46 Boulevard de Reuilly, 75012