“Paris will be completely transformed for a day. This is an opportunity for Parisians and tourists to enjoy the city without noise, pollution and therefore without stress.”  …..Mayor Hildago.


It was almost eerie hearing it quiet on the streets today. Only taxis and buses were allowed and their speeds were kept to a minimum. Mostly bikes crowded the boulevards sprinkled with inline skaters and skateboarders. Pedestrians jammed the sidewalks and parks. Tout Paris were taking advantage of the sunny day and many were smiling. Impromptu flea markets in various squares, impromptu jazz musicians, harps, trombone bands, sun worshippers on the banks of the Seine. A happy carefree day to truly remember.

Paris Sans Voiture

The Eiffel Tower was in sharp contrast against the sky, pollution numbers down. I hope to see more of this in the future by popular demand.

sans voiture Paris

biking Paris Quais