It’s raining today in Paris. The skies are grey and umbrellas are de rigeur. My hair is super frizzed thanks to the drizzle but no matter as a really big event occurred around 4 p.m. Let’s get is straight, I’m not a Hollywood groupie, nor am I a publicity hound, or paparazzi…..however, in my book Deneuve is one of the world’s BIG stars.

After a long day at St. Ouen, les Puces, I thought I’d follow it with a visit to St. Suplice. Across from the church is the Yves St. Laurent flagship store and I frequenly stop to window shop. The front door opened suddenly and there I was face to face with Deneuve, fully made up in a red jacket throwing a cigarette out on the pavement. She darted back in and I saw her go to the the purse display in the window. My camera was poised and “pop”, just as Cartier-Bresson says, I snapped it fast.

Here she is dear blog followers and “D” fans.

My only regret is not turning around and following her chauffer to the parked Mercedes. I only saw her car door close. She is a true icon. Sorry I couldn’t just say “Hey Catherine, truly love your movies, keep on keepin’ on”.

A recent quote from C.D.: “There are no longer any stars in France. A star is someone who should be seen a little and then remain discreet, reserved. With the introduction of the digital age, the intrusion is into everything, everywhere and all the time. We see a huge amount about people who are very famous, who have millions of followers … and who have done absolutely nothing.”

Rightly said and my apologies for the rude intrusion Catherine. I was star-struck and just happened to be standing in the right spot at the right time.