One of the most famous portrait artists of her time, and the official painter for Marie-Antoinette (creating over 30 paintings), is the subject of a big new exhibition at the Grand Palais, the first ever French retrospective of her work.

paintingLong appreciated for her delicate and flattering style, Élisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun was an extraordinary woman who managed to raise a family while also nurturing her career, becoming the most sought-after portrait artist in Europe. Born in Paris in 1755 into a modest family, her mother was a hairdresser and her father a pastel artist.
As she wasn’t allowed to paint male nudes, she turned her hand to portait painting and  succeeded in making a place for herself in the French Royal Court.
Being close to Marie-Antoinette, however, has its disadvantages. Élisabeth was forced to flee France during the Revolution and start what was to become a 12-year exile across Europe.


Élisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun, 23 Sept. 2015 to 11 Jan. 2016, Galeries nationales du Grand Palais, everyday (except Tuesday) from 10am to 8pm ; Late opening on Wednesday till 10pm, adult admission 12 euros


Picasso Mania from 07 Oct. 2015 to 29 Feb. 2016, Galeries nationales du Grand Palais

Spanish artist Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) was one of the main precursors of modern art in the 20th century. A spearhead of the artistic avant-garde, he used all kinds of media and materials in his work and was to produce over 50 000 works throughout his long career.


The exhibition looks back over the artistic interaction with Picasso’s work that contemporary artists have explored since 1960. Walking into the exhibit you are greeted with a wall of interactive artist squares in b+w that pop into color as each takes their turn explaining how Monsier P influenced their work and that of the art world in general.


The first part of the exhibition presents the figure of the artist as a theme, including Picasso’s self portrait from his blue period. Next come the visual art revolutions, including Cubism and the annihilation of representation. Then the exhibition traces Picasso’s political involvement. Sandwiched between art galleries is a movie room showing personal interviews, stills of his family life, celebrity snippets of Yves Montand, Dali, Bardot. You won’t get bored.

Works by contemporary artists, (Lichtenstein, Erro, Warhol, Jasper Johns and Kippenberger) are shown alongside works by the great master himself.

Monday, Thursday and Sunday from 10am to 8pm ; Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 10am to 10pm; admission 14euros

Warhol Unlimited


The Musée d’Art moderne de la Ville de Paris is devoting a remarkable exhibition to Andy Warhol (1928-1987). Comprising over 200 works, Unlimited highlights the serial side of the Warhol oeuvre – a crucial aspect of his work – and his ability to rethink the way art should be exhibited.


Musée d’Art moderne de la Ville de Paris

11 Avenue du Président Wilson
75116 Paris
Tel: +33 (0)1 53 67 40 00
Open Tuesday–Sunday
10am – 6pm
Late closing: Thursday 10pm
Exceptional opening on November 1st and 11th from 10am to 6pm