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With visions of Paris Fashion Week still rolling around in my brain I find myself spotting a blouse trend as I laboriously edit my photos. The late Bill Cunningham used to call out such peculiarisms in his New York Times column, so Bill, “here’s to you.” You were truly missed at the parade of fashion on and off the catwalk this year.

Fashionistas, make sure your blouse sleeve is voluminous and proportionally way too large for your figure in 2017. Oversize is “in.” Tip: buy them in the men’s department if you want to save $$$. Or check your local thrift shops where I’ve seen jillions of ironed Brooks Bros. striped models lined up and ready to snatch.



And by all means watch those cuffs when eating your spaghetti.



Be sure it’s tucked.


Not terribly comfortable, but soooo cool!


And what this has to do with promoting our guidebook, No Worries Paris, I don’t have a clue. Just thought you deserve a little extra entertainment from the fashion world now and then. A bientot!