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Zipping around Paris taking in all the events, art exhibits, new restaurants, new attractions never gets tiring. It’s all the work when I arrive back home and have to update my Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Tumbler and blog accounts. Complaining, I’m not, it’s a gig many have told me they’re envious of. I understand. After many years as a graphic designer, secretary, stone mason, aerobic dance teacher, chocolate chip cookie baker, and photographer, life has just worked out that way.

While in Paris I had one minute of fame. Crawling the internet at night post Balmain show I came across the Vogue Magazine online site. Lo and behold there I was on point shooting one of the cognoscenti. Thank you staff photographer Phil Oh who included it in his “Best Street Photos from Paris Fashion Week.” It made my day, my year, though I guess that’s my ego speaking.


Okay, enough about that. Time to get onboard and sell some books.  No Worries Paris is on the shelf at Powell’s Books.    Amazon.com too, of course or at www.trailblazertravelbooks.com. Thanks for giving it some consideration, it’s a pretty helpful walking guide to have along.