Ateliers Menilmontant

Eighty-five artists in and about the 20th arrondissement (Belleville and Menilmontant) are opening up their doors to visitors. A great opportunity to meet them personally, see their work, their ateliers and walk the streets of this still authentic quartier. Start at 26, rue de la Mare (metro: pyrenees) or MJC Haut de Belleville, 43, rue de Borrego (metro: saint-fargeau) or Champsecret, 49, rue de la Cour des Noues (metro: gambetta) for a map and introduction. The streets are alive with fantastic graffiti, quaint bars and cafes, authenticity.  Make a day of it, here’s the scoop: Ateliers de Menilmontant.


I was lucky enough to take a three hour hosted tour through three of the photography ateliers, each artist explaining their work. See what’s going on through the official tourism offices of Paris and make a reservation. Many are free, others charge just 10 euros. Note: they’re in French.  Today on my schedule, a tour of Montparnasse writer and painter addresses of the past. Can’t wait.